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Linux Business

+ - Xandros buys out Linspire

Submitted by 2muchcoffeeman
2muchcoffeeman (573484) writes "Former Linspire president and CEO Kevin Carmony — whose relationship with his former employer has turned acrimonious, to say the least — reported on his blog that Xandros and Linspire signed an agreement in principle to buy Linspire June 19. He includes a scan of the memo to Linspire shareholders announcing the deal, which says the deal includes substantially all of Linspire's assets related to developing, marketing and selling a Linux distro "and other Linux-based products and applications" and requires the former Linspire company to change its name. According to the memo, the stockholders voted to change the company's name to Digital Cornerstone, Inc.

Despite the wording of the Linspire memo to stockholders, this deal apparently came as a surprise to Carmony and other stockholders.

Some Slashdotters may remember both that Xandros and Linspire each signed patent protection deals with Microsoft in 2007 and that Carmony was named one of the 100 most influential people in IT by eWeek in 2006."
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Xandros buys out Linspire

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