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Submission + - HDMI Dongle Turns TVs Into Giant Android Tablets ( 2

DeviceGuru writes: The BiggiFi Indiegogo project is nearing its funding goal for a $79 HDMI dongle that essentially turns HDTVs into supersized Android tablets. The BiggiFi device is claimed to let users run unmodified Android apps on their TVs using their phone or tablet as the TV’s touchscreen — including motion input for games — without screen-mirroring overhead latency. As explained by BiggiFi creator Karl Zhao, an Android app on the user’s phone or tablet collects touch input signals and transmits them over WiFi to a server daemon in the Android Framework layer on the BiggiFi device, which passes the event data to the device driver layer. When the action finally reaches the app, it's as though the BiggiFi/TV system has its own physical touchscreen. The result is claimed to be a fairly lossless Android experience, and requires no modification to Android apps. The process supports input gestures such as slide, scroll, pinch, zoom, and soft keyboard input, and also supports vibration and accelerometer movements, enabling tilting for gameplay, according to the project. Camera and mic input will be added in the future. Oh, and an app for using iPhones and iPads as the remote touchscreen is also being developed.
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HDMI Dongle Turns TVs Into Giant Android Tablets

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  • biggifi is wonderful.I could not only paly games via my TV and smartphone now,but also watch high-definition video,the most exciting to me is that I can make a speech at a high-definition television,surf the internet ,browse social websites and so on .
  • This product is very light, easy to carry, function is good.

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