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+ - AMD Launches World's First Desktop Processor At 5GHz, 8-Core AMD FX-9590->

MojoKid writes: AMD is stepping up its efforts on the CPU front by announcing two new FX-series chips, the FX-9590 and FX-9370. The company claims that the FX-9590 is the world’s first commercially available processor clocked at 5GHz (Max Turbo), and the FX-9370 isn’t far behind at 4.7GHz(Max Turbo). Based on the Piledriver architecture, the 8-core processors are unlocked so gamers can push the already-high CPU clock even further. They also feature AMD Turbo Core 3.0, which is designed to optimize performance across all of the CPU’s cores. AMD didn’t announce plans for when or if you’ll be able to buy these processors outright; for now, they’re only available through system integrators.
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AMD Launches World's First Desktop Processor At 5GHz, 8-Core AMD FX-9590

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