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+ - OpenWRT 12.09 Released; Drops Support for Linux 2.4, Low Memory Devices->

Submitted by hypnosec
hypnosec (2231454) writes "The team behind Linux distribution of routers has released the final version of the OS – the OpenWRT 12.09 codenamed Attitude Adjustment. The final version doesn’t support Linux 2.4 because of which the distribution wouldn’t run on old router models, for example the Linksys WRT54G models, which have 16MB of RAM and CPUs clocked at 200MHz. The distribution is now based on Linux 3.3 and there is good news for the Raspberry Pi fans as the distribution now supports the credit card sized computer along with Ramips routers."
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OpenWRT 12.09 Released; Drops Support for Linux 2.4, Low Memory Devices

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