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Submission + - Quick, somebody tell SCO! More patent trolling on UNIX ( 2

donak writes: "It seems SCO has competition : A company registered in minor league tax haven the Cook Islands, but with a subsidiary in Delaware, lawyers in the patent-troll heaven of East Texas and an office in Sydney, Australia, has asserted intellectual property rights over all versions of Unix and “Unix-like derivatives” and plans to seek royalties from every company that has ever used the operating system.
Quoting the "anonymous spokesperson" : “It's clear that some far-sighted Unix pioneer created this daemon even though it has only become useful in the last few years,” he said, “That the insight is significant is obvious from the fact the code has been copied not only throughout Unix but into the Windows code stream via NT, and Apple's world via BSD. It appears to us that NSFW is also present throughout the code base of every significant Linux distribution,” he added."

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Quick, somebody tell SCO! More patent trolling on UNIX

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  • ...discredit patent trolling generally by making it look like the ridiculous business practice that it is

    i wish them luck

    • by crutchy (1949900)

      stupid april 1st... when i read that they were well financed i thought for a moment they might have been talking about ben bernanke

      now i wish someone really was picking a fight with the whole world

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