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+ - RapidShare Caps Free Storage Limits; Will Delete User Data Beyond 5GB->

Submitted by hypnosec
hypnosec (2231454) writes "Free users of RapidShare are in for a shocker as the online storage company has announced a change in its business model whereby non-premium users will only be allowed a limited storage space of 5GB and in case they decide not to pay for the extra space they are utilizing as of now, their data will be permanently deleted on April 3. Starting March 20 free account users will only be receiving 5GB of storage. If users fail to free up the extra space they are utilizing by deleted their data, RapidShare will do the honors by getting rid of any data that takes up space beyond the limit of 5GB on April 3. To be precise, if you have storage 15GB of data on RapidShare, the company will permanently delete 10GB of data April 3 if you fail to take any action."
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RapidShare Caps Free Storage Limits; Will Delete User Data Beyond 5GB

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