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The Internet

Submission + - RITE Project: Researchers Aim Aim to Speed Up Internet by Reducing Latency->

hypnosec writes: Researchers over at University of Aberdeen are working on an innovative project whereby they aim to increase the performance of the Internet by reducing latency. Working closely with telecom giants like British Telecom, Alcatel-Lucent and scientists from various European universities, the researchers over at Aberdeen University through the project named RITE (Reducing Internet Transport Latency) aim to reduce bandwidth bills that users end up paying for data intensive online activities such as streaming online video. The researchers are of the opinion that by reducing online latency they will be able to make computers work smartly. RITE is being led by Simula Research Labs has received a £3m funding from the European Commission. The team of researchers has already completed its proposal ahead of the US Standards meet which is scheduled on March 10 in Orlando, United States.
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RITE Project: Researchers Aim Aim to Speed Up Internet by Reducing Latency

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