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+ - The Malware Industrial Complex-> 1

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holy_calamity writes "MIT Technology Review reports that efforts by U.S. government agencies and defense contractors to develop malware to attack enemies is driving a black market in zero-day vulnerabilities. Experts warn that could make the internet less secure for everyone, since malicious code is typically left behind on targeted systems and often shows up on untargeted ones, providing opportunities for reverse engineering."
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The Malware Industrial Complex

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  • I guess the same problems crop up whether, you are releasing a biological agent to the battlefield, or malware to the enemies computer systems. You had best be sure that all of your assets are immunized against your own weapon and, yes can can expect it to spread in unexpected direction, whether from a wind shift, airline travelers, or Mr. Blackhat co-opting your code and using it against you, or just Joe Blow visiting the wrong web site, then spreading to to all his friends!

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