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+ - Steam gets first game on Linux-> 2

Submitted by dotarray
dotarray (1747900) writes ""Beta late than never," laughs the Steam Linux Team, who has been hard at work porting the digital distribution service over to the new platform. Word on the street (well, on the blog) suggests that they're getting closer than ever to their goal, announcing an internal beta kicking off next week, with a "private external" launch sometime next month."
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Steam gets first game on Linux

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  • any word about suse, red hat... support? Anything that could help to have more people on linux it's a good news. We could have more support, drivers...
  • Let me be the first to say that this is amazing. When I removed Windows on my machine and brought forth Ubuntu, the program I missed most was Steam, especially those days where I would play TF2 for hours. Now, I can do this again, without going back to a crummy operating system like Windows 7. I believe they've had Left 4 Dead 2 Released as well out for Linux for a while, but let's hope the develop Half-Life 3 for Linux when it comes out.

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