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+ - Arch Linux For Newbies? Manjaro is here!-> 2

Submitted by Penurious Penguin
Penurious Penguin (2687307) writes "Well within the top ten Linux distros, Arch Linux has a strong following for sure. But with an installation process requiring a little more involvement than the average distro, not every prospective user is ready to embrace the Arch Way, and understandably so. This is where Manjaro steps in. With a 100% compatibility with Arch, uncompromising adherence to principia KISS and a pre-configured Xfce, — or alternatively available GNOME & KDE — those who've been hesitating to explore Arch now have a few less excuses.

And a little side-note for those still bitter about the lack of package-signing: You'll be glad to know that Arch fully implemented package-signing in June of 2012."

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Arch Linux For Newbies? Manjaro is here!

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  • by cgt (1976654)
    If you can't handle Arch, why would you want to use it? The benefit of Arch is full control, but if you're giving up that control then the benefits are gone.
    • If so, then I'd have to at least partially agree. But I must have not looked far enough to see where such a circumstance was imposed. If Manjaro serves only as a pre-step to Arch, I think it's serving very well; though I expect it is offering more than that. Maybe I'm biased. When I discovered Arch after a year of apprehension, I vividly remember being thrilled and embarrassed that I hadn't sooner. For anyone wanting to distance themselves from certain (or explore other) distros, this seems to me a fine opt

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