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+ - BitTorrent to make uTorrent Ads Optional in a Bid to Appease Angry Users->

Submitted by hypnosec
hypnosec (2231454) writes "BitTorrent has backtracked on uTorrent ads cannot be ‘turned off’ stance following a user revolt and has announced that users can opt-out of sponsored torrents if they don’t wish to see them. Last weekend BitTorrent announced that is going to make uTorrent ad-enabled and that it will now have ‘sponsored torrents’ feature which can’t be disabled. As one would have imagined, this didn’t go quite well with many users and they let out their anger on the uTorrent forums. “You seriously think that uTorrent is going to survive now? The Admin/Devs are seriously deluded. Pure greed has turned your once loved app into a bloated and buggy cash cow.” said one user."
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BitTorrent to make uTorrent Ads Optional in a Bid to Appease Angry Users

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