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+ - US CIO/CTO: Idea of Hiring COBOL Coders Laughable

Submitted by theodp
theodp (442580) writes "If you're a COBOL programmer, you're apparently persona non grata in the eyes of the nation's Chief Information and Chief Technical Officers. Discussing new government technology initiatives at the TechCrunch Disrupt Conference, Federal CIO Steven VanRoekel quipped, "I'm recruiting COBOL developers, any out there?," sending Federal CTO Todd Park into fits of laughter (video). Lest anyone think he was serious about hiring the old fogies, VanRoekel added: "Trust me, we still have it in the Federal government, which is quite, quite scary." So what are VanRoekel and Park looking for? 'Bad ass innovators — the baddest ass of the bad asses out there' Park explained, 'to design, create, and kick ass for America.' Within 24 hours of VanRoekel's and Park's announcement, 600 bad asses had applied to be Presidential Innovation Fellows."
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US CIO/CTO: Idea of Hiring COBOL Coders Laughable

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