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Submission + - Options to Replace a GoDaddy Dedicated Server 2

An anonymous reader writes: With the recent flip-flopping of GoDaddy supporting SOPA, then not (in addition to other's complaints regarding GoDaddy), I have finally decided it is time to take my domains and hosting elsewhere... again.

In the past, I have attempted to move my sites elsewhere, but found that only virtual servers were available for the same price (this was a couple years ago). I tried a few, but found that my disk I/O requirements were in excess of what a shared system could provide--the site is heavily dependent on multiple databases, with 150k+ queries per day.

Here is what I found my minimum requirements are through the 8 years I've hosted these sites:
-Linux OS
-Core 2 Duo processor
-250GB Storage (dedicated)
-500GB Monthly Bandwidth
-20GB Remote Backup Storage
-2 IP Addresses
-Less than $130/mo
-No need for a control panel (I am comfortable with remote terminal sessions with ssh)

Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!
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Options to Replace a GoDaddy Dedicated Server

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  • I was in a similar situation and I eventually chose Liquidweb because they own/operate all their own data centers (they cant pass the buck & they dont), and they don't outsource (to my knowledge). I've been with them for about 5 years now and everything has been really great. I bought my own Dell Poweredge 2950 off ebay for $500 and LiquidWeb's colocation service was only $100/month with plenty of bandwidth to boot. Their website advertises $150/month for this. However, if you opt to give them a setu

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