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+ - Syria Bans iPhone and Protest App

Submitted by
Hugh Pickens writes
Hugh Pickens writes writes "BBC reports that with 4,000 people killed in Syria since March, the government has banned the iPhone and threatened confiscation and prosecution for anyone found with an iPhone as the government tries to control information getting out of the country. Most international media have been banned from Syria since the uprising began, so footage of the violent crackdown has primarily come from activists filming material themselves and posting it on the internet. A mobile app for the iPhone called Souria Wa Bas (which roughly translates as “Syria and That’s All”) covers the actions of opposition groups, including the Local Coordination Committees which claim to have members across the country and includes links for news, videos, a map of opposition hot spots. The app’s creators say they produced Souria Wa Bas to counter regime accounts of the opposition’s activities. “Under the fast-moving events in Syria and the deliberate attempts to distort the facts by some. We have compiled the most important Syrian news sources available,” say creators of the app at the apple store."
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Syria Bans iPhone and Protest App

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