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First Person Shooters (Games)

+ - PS3 Counter-Strike to support keyboard and mouse-> 1

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RogueyWon writes "Eurogamer reports some encouraging news for console-bound fans of online shooters. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the new stand-alone version of the wildly successful Half-Life mod recently announced by Valve, will support mouse and keyboard controls on the Playstation 3. This isn't entirely unprecedented; 2007's Unreal Tournament 3 had a similar feature, but the idea has never gained momentum. If the idea of allowing PC-style controls on a console does catch on, could this help remove some of the stigma associated with first person shooters on consoles?"
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PS3 Counter-Strike to support keyboard and mouse

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  • PC-style controls, mouse and keyboard, are also quite limited, they are geared to one specific type of interaction - but one which in the recent 2 decades became quite widespread (a bit too widespread, IMHO); and that's not "online shooters" ("online topdown shooters" also fall under such term)

    Mouse works well because so many games (and their UIs) are built around the simple core mechanics of pointing at things (so no wonder a device meant for pointing at things does well at that) - a mechanics which can

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