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+ - The Chemical Free Chemistry Kit->

Submitted by eldavojohn
eldavojohn (898314) writes "It's known that home chemistry sets are in danger of going extinct which has spurred the label "Chemical Free!" on modern chemistry sets (NSFW warning, JAYFK stands for Journal of Are You *expletive* Kidding). The kit for ages 10+ provides 60 chemistry activities that are mind boggling chemical free. The pedantic blog entry points out the many questions that arise when the set promises "fun activities" like growing plants and crystals — sans chemicals! That would be quite the feat to see without the most evilest of chemicals: dihydrogen monoxide. While this rebuttal is done in jest, this set's intentions do highlight the chilling growth of a new mentality: Chemicals are bad. Despite their omnipresence from the beginning of time, they are no longer safe. Even real researchers are starting to notice the possible voluntary stunting of science education that is occurring in the name of overreaching safety."
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The Chemical Free Chemistry Kit

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