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+ - Trojan Forces Firefox to Secretly Store Passwords-> 1

Submitted by suraj.sun
suraj.sun (1348507) writes "A trojan recently analysed by Webroot is said to rely on retrieving web page passwords from a browser's password storage, rather than logging a user's keyboard inputs. To make sure it will find all the interesting passwords in Firefox, the malware, called PWS-Nslog, makes some changes to jog the browser's memory. A few manipulations in a JavaScript file prompt Firefox to store log-in information automatically and without requesting the user's consent.

The malware will, for instance, simply comment out Firefox's confirmation request in the nsLoginManagerPrompter.js file and add a line with automatic storage instructions. The H's associates at heise Security were able to reproduce the effect of the manipulations – manipulations which the malware author probably borrowed from a work around that has been in circulation since 2009.

The manipulation works on all platforms on which the Trojan has the rights to modify the nsLoginManagerPrompter.js file. In tests this worked on Windows XP, Windows 7 and Ubuntu 10.04.


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Trojan Forces Firefox to Secretly Store Passwords

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  • Does the master password on firefox stop them from finding currently stored passwords? Also what use is forcing the browzer to store passwords, maybe logging onto malicious sites? Thanks

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