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+ - Website assets being stolen - What can I do?-> 5

Submitted by
Khyber writes "My site assets are being ripped off, in some cases word-for-word, other cases frame shots of animations on my page. Here's the violating site, and here is my site for comparison. Unfortunately, it appears this site is foreign, and I'm not entirely sure what to do next. I've already contacted my legal advisors and site maintainers. What other steps should I take? I don't think I can get the DMCA to apply here, are there any treaties that could hold any hope for me?"
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Website assets being stolen - What can I do?

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  • The credit card system on the site appears to be fraudulent. Several key things it should ask for are missing, and there is NO security. I'm betting this is a CC gathering site. They're stealing everything else already!

    • by pspahn (1175617)

      If you haven't already, I would give GoDaddy a call since they were the registrar. Maybe they can help.

      Otherwise, get them hacked.

      • by pspahn (1175617)

        Oh, and it's definitely Chinese. Look at the URL for the live chat.

        • by Khyber (864651)

          Yea, I checked out all of that.

          Already contacted GoDaddy and Dreamhost.

          Still trying to figure out what else to do.

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