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+ - Proof that UNIX code was copied into Linux 6

Submitted by walterbyrd
walterbyrd (182728) writes "SCO's ex-CEO's brother, a lawyer named Kevin McBride, has finally revealed the UNIX code that was copied into Linux. Scroll down to the part that reads: "SCO submitted a very material amount of literal copying from UNIX to Linux in the SCO v. IBM case. For example, see the following excerpts from SCO’s evidence submission in Dec. 2005 in the SCO v. IBM case:" There are several links to PDF files that reveal the UNIX code that was copied into Linux."
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Proof that UNIX code was copied into Linux

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  • And on, and on, and on.
    Once the universe has ended, so will this farce....
  • I've looked at the code in the article. (You call it TFA, right? just clarifying)

    While there are similarities they could just be that they used very similar implementation. There are only a certain number of ways to solve a problem after all.
    A lot of the variables have slightly different names though, and the functions include some extra checking in the linux versions.
    If the code was written based on some common documentation then this could result. However, this tab [] is particularly spooky; the func
  • Actually, I think Kevin is full of crap. I was hoping some slashdotters could prove as much.

    If Linux is actually full of UNIX code, as Kevin claims, then Linux really might be illegal, just as Microsoft has claimed all along.

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