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Debian Considering Long Term Support for Squeeze 46

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Via Bits from Debian, comes news that the security team is considering adding a Long Term Support suite for Squeeze (Debian 6) after Jessie (Debian 8) is released sometime next year. From the mailing list post: "At the moment it seems likely that an extended security support timespan for squeeze is possible. The plan is to go ahead, sort out the details as as it happens, and see how this works out and whether it is going to be continued with wheezy. The rough draft is that updates will be delivered via a separate suite (e.g. squeeze-lts), where everyone in the Debian keyring can upload in order to minimise bottlenecks and allow contributions by all interested parties. Some packages will be exempted upfront due to their volatile nature (e.g. some web applications) and others might be expected to see important changes. The LTS suite will be limited to amd64 and i386. The exact procedures will be sorted out soon and announced in a separate mail. ... It needs to be pointed out that for this effort to be sustainable actual contributions by interested parties are required. squeeze-lts is not something that will magically fall from the sky. If you're dependent/interested in extended security support you should make an effort to contribute." If successful, the LTS idea would possibly be carried over to Wheezy. With all of the changes coming in Jessie and its aggressive release schedule, this sysadmin really likes the idea of having a bit more breathing room for updating infrastructure between releases. The email also contains a bunch of other info on changes coming to the security process.

In related news, the Debian Installer team announced the first alpha of debian-installer for Jessie. Just the installer, not the distro as a whole (Jessie will be frozen in November). XFCE remains the default desktop, ia64 was kicked out of the archive, and a few new ARM variants are supported.
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Debian Considering Long Term Support for Squeeze

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  • by worf_mo (193770) on Thursday March 20, 2014 @02:46PM (#46536957)

    [...] but particularly with devices running at remote locations, I admit to a bit more paranoia and skepticism.

    Reminds me of upgrading a famous rpm-based distro in the nineties, it ended more often than not with a fresh install.

    I find Debian's upgrades to be painless. Last week I upgraded remote servers (sitting in another country) to Wheezy; the whole process went so smooth it was nearly disappointing. These servers have now survived a few Debian release upgrades without ever seeing a remote hand.

  • by LVSlushdat (854194) on Thursday March 20, 2014 @04:44PM (#46538053)

    You think Debian, circa 2002-2003 was bad? you shoulda tried Slackware back around 1995 or so.. Umptysquat floppy disks, handediting ALL the config files for EVERYTHING.. Since most of the time I was building a server to run ftpd or httpd, I didn't bother messing with XFree86 and its mindnumbing configuration... Today's Linux is da BOMB!!

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