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Linux 3.11 Features Fall Into Place With Merge Window 70

Posted by timothy
from the get-your-windows-joke-launchers-ready! dept.
hypnosec writes "The Linux 3.11 merge window is about to close, most probably this Sunday, and most of the pull requests have been merged, including feature additions and improvements to disk & file system, CPU, graphics and other hardware. Some notable merges are: LZ4 compression; Zswap for compressed swap caching; inclusion of a Lustre file-system client for the first time; Dynamic Power Management (DPM) support for R600 GPUs; KVM and Xen virtualization on 64-bit hardware (AArch64); and a new DRM (Direct Rendering Manager) driver for the Renesas R-Car SoC."
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Linux 3.11 Features Fall Into Place With Merge Window

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  • by Blaskowicz (634489) on Saturday July 13, 2013 @02:45AM (#44268179)

    I remember learning Unix shell, compilation, basic C programming on X11 terminals (there were a couple hundreds of them) and something like Solaris 7. We were given an ugly login shell (black on white xterm), the motif window manager (mwm) and that's all.

    It was funny as it really looked and acted like Windows 3.1, only without the program manager, file manager or control panel. It also had alt-f9 to minimize, alt-f10 to maximize, alt-f7 to move etc. which is really cool and still found on Gnome2/Mate and Xfce at least.
    It was really fun trying to fo something useful in that environment, some guy had made a crude launcher (we had to walk into his home directory), I used aliases for e.g. launching a green on black xterm rxvt with nice font size and much bigger scroll buffer, we figured out how to have a background image on the "desktop".

    I looked for it in vain on linux, tried to download Lesstif but it's only libraries and nothing else. Now maybe we'll be able to use it at last?, lol. I hope they open source mwm, along Motif and CDE.

    It was also both minimalist (more so than say Fluxbox or jwm) and easy to use, unlike twm and myriads of "worse than Windows 3.1" window managers. One little issue was you lost everything when closing the login shell by accident (but you thus never get into a situation where all shell windows or all windows all closed and you can't open a new terminal)

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