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KDE Announces Partner Network 41

jrepin writes "In the wake of the announcement of the first ever KDE powered tablet, quite a few interesting things are happening in the background. One of them is the formation of a professional Partner Network for devices such as the Vivaldi tablet. The Make Play Live Partner Program is designed to build and support a collaborative business and economic network. Members work together to provide comprehensive professional service and product offerings around Plasma Active and devices such as Vivaldi. Professional support options make it easier to convince potential parties, such as users, clients, customers and partners, bringing KDE software to a larger group of users. Nine organizations have already joined."
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KDE Announces Partner Network

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  • Vapor Tablet (Score:4, Interesting)

    by scorp1us (235526) on Wednesday May 23, 2012 @11:34AM (#40088719) Journal

    January 29 The Spark Tablet was announced (later renamed to Vivaldi). Two months it was supposed to be on the market. Now, it's 2 months after that and it still isn't shipping...

    I want the tablet, but hell if I know when I'll be able to buy one.

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