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Desura Linux Game Client Goes Open Source

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  • Re:I play PC games (Score:3, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward on Sunday January 22, 2012 @02:34AM (#38779029)

    you can backup local game files in steam either manually or using their own backup function.

    steam is incredibly well built in this regard, you can even throw _some_ game files into the corresponding directory, and steam will recognize them and skip them for download...

    for example, i installed steam on wine on a linux partition, and then copied game files manually from a windows installation in the same box, and voila, steam did not complain about anything, and all games worked fine.

  • by spektre1 (901164) on Sunday January 22, 2012 @02:47AM (#38779083) Homepage
    Or anything else, other than a surrender of a right, and a public sharing of it. A bit testimonial sounding here, so I apologize, but this is a doorway to getting game developers to start taking linux seriously. I just started using the Desura client and found that it runs faster on Ubuntu than on Windows. Just sayin'. Installing and purchasing are painless too. If you game, I wish you'd help promote it. Take it seriously and try not to be so flippant and judgemental. I'm going back to porting one of my projects to SDL now.

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