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Where Linux Gained Ground in 2007 203

Posted by timothy
from the win-friends-influence-processors dept.
christian.einfeldt writes "Computer scientist and media maven Roy Schestowitz takes a look at platforms where GNU Linux gained the most ground in 2007. In a thorough review which is the first of a two-part series, Schestowitz looks at trends in supercomputers, mobile phones, desktops, low-end laptops and tablets, consoles, media players and set-top boxes. Schestowitz finds that GNU Linux solidified its dominant grip on supercomputers; made huge gains in low-end laptops and tablets; won major OEM and retail support on the desktop; gained new entries into game consoles; and also spawned new businesses in set-top boxes while holding its ground in pre-existing product lines. He sums it all up by saying that '2007 will be remembered as the year when GNU/Linux became not only available, but also properly preinstalled on desktops and laptops by the world's largest companies.'"
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Where Linux Gained Ground in 2007

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  • Linux can not be run on the Wii as the article suggests. It can be run on the Wii in Gamecube mode, but it has no Wii funtions.
  • I understand that there is "telling it like it is" and not pulling any punches, but if you've read http://boycottnovell.com/ [boycottnovell.com] for more than a day you might start to think that Roy Schestowitz is a little bit paranoid... there are several people in the open source world that have openly argued with him on his blog, because he has made baseless accusations without factual evidence.

    See http://boycottnovell.com/2007/11/25/gnome-foundation-ooxml-ecma/ [boycottnovell.com] for an example of this... Jeff Waugh (of the GNOME foundation)
  • I took the hard disk out of my broken Packard Bell laptop (daughter had spilled cola over it and it refused to work again) and put it into my Sony VAIO laptop... started it up and it booted perfectly into KDE... absolutely no problems at all... and all the hardware was different... different mobo chipset, different processor, different graphics card.

    We were able to rescue all her data and coursework that she'd been working on when the accident occurred...

    Out of curiosity. when I tried to boot the windows XP

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