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Nominate SysAdmin of the Year By Oct. 12 76

Posted by kdawson
from the barely-sung-heroes dept.
PMcGovern writes "Deadline for nominations for SysAdmin of the Year 2007 is this Friday Oct. 12. The award is sponsored by Slashdot, SourceForge, Digg, Usenix, Lopsa, Splunk, and Naspa. The first 2500 sysadmins nominated win a free SysAdmin Rockstar tee shirt. Prizes include a MacBook Pro, a non-bricked Apple iPhone, Gibson guitar, Splunk license, a full-paid trip to the LISA conference, cases of Red Bull, and more. If you know a sysadmin that goes beyond the call of duty, nominate them."
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Nominate SysAdmin of the Year By Oct. 12

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  • by jesser (77961) on Tuesday October 09, 2007 @12:36AM (#20907483) Homepage Journal
    ... for selflessly pooling their resources to create what is perhaps the largest distributed computing project ever, the Storm botnet [].
  • Re:Stupid contest (Score:3, Interesting)

    by blhack (921171) * on Tuesday October 09, 2007 @01:50PM (#20914483)
    Yes, yes, yes yes, and YES!!!

    YES! I cannot TELL you how many times i've had to explain this to people. I get to sit in my office and play with my lin box all day because of all the time i spent when we first got started organizing everything, and making sure that everything was setup CORRECTLY!

    Some people in my company/industry hate me because I'm 20 (I started here when i was 19) and I'm the admin of a medium sized business (we have about 200 employees). What they don't understand is that the reason why they have to sit in their cubicles inputting numbers into the computer all day, and I get to sit in my office reading /. is:
    when i was in highschool and they were out getting hammered and partying, i was at HOME sitting at my computer learning python and perl and mysql. I was learning howto setup apache while they were learning how to use an apple as a makeshift pipe. I was on ebay buying up cheap routers so that i could learn IOS, they were at the local flea market trying to buy fake ids.

    Yeah thats a bit of a rant, and slightly off topic, but i have a feeling that a lot of people here share the same experience. It just torques me when people at work get mad because I don't have to do some mind-numbing job all day. /rant off.

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