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Red Hat Launches Online Red Hat Magazine 111

Posted by michael
from the submit-debian-articles-just-for-fun dept.
loconet writes "Today Red Hat published the first issue of their online Red Hat magazine, formerly known as the Under the Brim newsletter. Each issue includes Editor's Blog, Red Hat Speaks (interviews with Red Hat personalities), From the Inside (News, Whitepapers, Events), Ask Shadowman, Tips & Tricks, Fedora Status Report, Contests. This month's issue features a detailed article on Fedora Core 3."
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Red Hat Launches Online Red Hat Magazine

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  • Re:Read what? (Score:1, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Coward on Friday November 19, 2004 @07:46PM (#10870703)
    I think the Cygnus people get paid money by companies, under contract, to support these tools for them and it doesn't exactly have anything to do with the rest of Red Hats business model.

    Wrong. Red Hat gets paid, not the developers directly. And Red Hat has hired people and continued to expand on gcc, such as gcj, which could not possibly be part of a support contract.

    Red Hat releases everything they develop under the GPL. So how is that BAD?
  • by Spoing (152917) on Saturday November 20, 2004 @01:34AM (#10872691) Homepage
    This is a good resource for people new to Linux and want to try Red Hat's flavors. It's not a guide for idiots, though, and at times it does have some handy sections. For example, the article on SElinux is good as is the one on Evolution...though after using Evolution for a few years I personally found nothing new about that.

    You won't appreciate much in this magazine if you are not curious about software, are a die hard Debian fan, or simply know quite a bit about Red Hat or Fedora Linux already.

    I've bookmarked it, will review it regularly, and will consider passing along articles or the URL to friends and associates as it is appropriate.

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