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Engaging with the OSS Community 83

Posted by michael
from the diamond-ring-not-required dept.
s390 writes "Olliance has the second of its Open Source articles up at the Inquirer. It's called "Engaging with the Open Source Community (Part Two)", and it explains the different levels of involvement that companies can have with Open Source. More education for managers, and an outline of a corporate process for approaching adoption and deployment of Linux and other Open Source software."
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Engaging with the OSS Community

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  • Wolf 359 ;)
  • by Anonymous Coward on Sunday June 29, 2003 @04:04PM (#6326298)
    I decleare this post -1, troll^H^H^Hue, because its TRUE but only a troll understands why.

    Debian : We don't like USB, we wan't you to use our 2.2 kernal and force you to use PS/2 mice. Oh, we want you to use X4.1 and Gnome 1.4 as your "desktop" that is you have a five year old graphics card.

    KDE : We like to have giant throbbing buttons and eye candy, but we don't want you running it on enything less than a Athlon 3000 with 1GB of ram.

    GNOME : We won't give you proper file dialog or split pane in nautlus because it will be to compicateed for the average user (read : the average user in our view can't even find the on button). Yes we give you stuff like tear off menus and rearranging buttons, but you have to use our special "gconf-editor" for it (which is nastier than winregedit32.exe)

    Mozilla : We force you to use gtk 1.4 without compiling it because the average user likes the pain of their eyes straining on the alaised pcf.gz fonts.

    Trolls : This is all true, delusion is an anagram of slashdot when spelled the "taco" way.
  • by tcopeland (32225) * <tom&thomasleecopeland,com> on Sunday June 29, 2003 @07:52PM (#6327405) Homepage
    > Communty == Morons

    The "irony" thread was yesterday's topic.
  • by josh crawley (537561) on Sunday June 29, 2003 @08:54PM (#6327660)
    ... with the open source community:

    • Asking a question on IRC and being told to RTFM
    • Posting to a newsgroup and being told to RTFM
    • Writing an email and being told to RTFM
    • Posting to Slashdot and being told to RTFM
    Did I miss any?

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