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I've done my current job in X time zones ...

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Where X is 1
  7173 votes / 32%
Where X is 2-3
  6293 votes / 28%
Where X is 3-6
  4547 votes / 20%
Where X is 7-12
  1449 votes / 6%
Where X is >12
  524 votes / 2%
All of them
  535 votes / 2%
Do you count unemployment?
  1884 votes / 8%
22405 total votes.
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  • Don't complain about lack of options. You've got to pick a few when you do multiple choice. Those are the breaks.
  • Feel free to suggest poll ideas if you're feeling creative. I'd strongly suggest reading the past polls first.
  • This whole thing is wildly inaccurate. Rounding errors, ballot stuffers, dynamic IPs, firewalls. If you're using these numbers to do anything important, you're insane.
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I've done my current job in X time zones ...

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  • I'm guessing 5 or 6. I've had fun dealing with things while out of country. When I'm half-way around the world, I take a bit of satisfaction from answering vendor emails while they're asleep.

    • Re: (Score:3, Funny)

      by Anonymous Coward

      Wow. We're impressed. So, tell us all about this international pizza shop you travel around for to deliver pizza to hungry foreigners.

      • by wagr (1070120)

        :: chuckle :: Impressed I was able to get out of the basement? It's not that hard once you learn to turn to doorknob. Well, we started in Istanbul before it was called Istanbul. Then we moved to London. Eventually we settled in [redacted]. We used pita before we could get the right kind of flour for what we now call pizza dough. And you could order any toppings you wanted as long as you only wanted olives.

        Actually no, not pizza. Customizing software for order/processing - businesses like t-shirt printing, b

  • by MondoGordo (2277808) on Thursday October 24, 2013 @05:08PM (#45228649)
    Which do i put if it's exactly 3 ?
    • "All of them" :)

      Now seriously, I worked ALL timezones. Worked EMEA Shift for a while APAC Shift for a while, now I'm working AMER shift (from Europe) and been doing so for 7+ years. 5 PM to 2 AM my time.

      • by CastrTroy (595695) on Thursday October 24, 2013 @08:12PM (#45230055) Homepage
        I really doubt that anybody has worked in all the different time zones. Even if you're a pilot and fly around the world, you'll probably only cover the major 24 timezones that only differ by an hour. There's tons of half hour time zones around the world, and couple 15 minutes time zones. If you want to get really specific, there's places like Saskatchewan that are in a time zone, but don't observe daylight savings time like the rest of the time zone, You could probably classify that as a different time zone.
        • How about these guys?


        • From whose point of view?
          If, at some point in time, you were awake during each of the "regular" 24h that cover the globe, you were also awake during whichever weird timezone existed in any place on Earth, so technically you were "working" at the time. it wasn't YOUR timezone, but it was THEIR timezone, so it still applies.

        • Even if you're a pilot or a sailor circumnavigating the globe, it is doubtful that you'll work in the 24 major time zones. For a pilot, it's only the time zones of the departing airport and arrival airport that really maters. You may cover other time zones in between, but you wouldn't _work_ in those intermediary time zones, which is how the question was phrased.
        • A minor detail, but there are 25 major time zones, not 24, -12 through +12. The two time zones on either side of the international date line are half as wide (7.5 deg vice 15 deg) as all of the others. And to amplify the point, Saudi Arabia officially uses solar time and could be interpreted as having an infinite number of time zones.
          • More than that I believe; for example, Nepal .... UTC+5:45
        • by magarity (164372)

          I really doubt that anybody has worked in all the different time zones

          Ah, but it depends on how you parse the question. I've worked in all the time zones I've worked in.

    • Which do i put if it's exactly 3 ?

      That is impossible to tell. The poll is flawed.

      • by AmiMoJo (196126) *

        At this point I think it would be more disturbing if the poll didn't have any flaws. It's a /. tradition.

    • by Zumbs (1241138)
      You need to vote twice :-)
    • Re: (Score:2, Funny)

      by darkonc (47285)

      Which do i put if it's exactly 3 ?


    • Whichever you want obviously, as both choices apply.
    • by sootman (158191)

      "3" is not an option at all. The options are...
      X = 1
      X = (2-3) = -1
      X = (3-6) = -3
      X = (7-12) = -5
      X > 12

      So for 3, I'd say pick "1" or "-3" -- whichever you think reflects your situation better.

  • by Bigbutt (65939) on Thursday October 24, 2013 @06:36PM (#45229533) Homepage Journal

    As in actually gone to different time zones to work or work on systems in various time zones? I have UTC/EST/CST/MST plus Alaska and Hawaii servers so 6 if that's what you're counting. Double that if you're counting the output of date (MST vs MDT).

    I did have to fly overnight to Dallas to work on a crashed server and to California for a class so 3 if you only count physical visits.


    • Most of the time I'm physically located in PST8PDT, though during the time I've had this job I've also had a business trip to EST5EDT and a vacation trip to Hawaii where one thing I did was visit a coworker who lives out there, spent a couple of weeks helping my mom after she had knee surgery and worked from there, and that doesn't count checking email at airports in mountain and central time zones (with various values of Daylight Savings Trickiness.) So physically it's probably 5 zones.

      But where my body's

    • If we're not counting physical visits then I've got all 24 covered by a buoy up at the north pole.
  • My work doesn't move around - but, in the past, I have had to deal with emergencies while I was on vacation far, far away...

    • I got a call from a coworker once and told him I couldn't talk long because I was underwater - literally. It was one of those tourist submarines in Hawaii, and they hadn't closed the hatch door yet. (I'd rather scuba dive, but it was a way to get my mom and some of the younger nieces and nephews to be able to see all the fish and coral.)

      And yeah, go Snowden!

  • What about all the NASA employees who work in non-terrestrial time zones?
  • I'm temporarily retired, you insensitive clod! (Meaning I quit my last job a couple years ago with no intention of finding a new one any time soon but I'll do some sort of work again some day.)

    When I did work, I always worked from a single time zone. Tho I did work often with remote offices, clients, agencies, and vendors in other time zones. And I did send pre-configured equipment across time zones with installation instructions. I remotely accessed lots of equipment in different time zones. Buy my fa

  • Well one desk/office/whatnot in one timezone, the boxes I actually work on all over the damn planet. So which counts?

  • Except for those increasingly rare times when I actually need to talk to someone on a telephone, I don't even think in terms of time zones.

    If you're in North America you could be dealing with people in any of 4 1/2 time zones, but with e-mail etc what does it matter?

    Or with contractors and consultants on the other side of the globe.
    • by artor3 (1344997)

      If you're trying to set up a meeting with team members in New York, San Francisco, Tokyo, and Bangalore, time zones matter a lot. Email is insufficient, unless you like waiting a full day for a conversation that should take ten minutes.

    • I don't know what planet you're on, but on this one Canada has 6 time zones and the continental US has 5, but only one is different than Canada's (Alaskan time). Greenland has two time zones, and the French islands Saint Pierre and Miquelon also have their own time zone. I'm not sure about all of the Caribbean islands, but North America has at least nine time zones.
    • If you're in North America you could be dealing with people in any of 4 1/2 time zones, but with e-mail etc what does it matter?

      Explain half a time zone? Is it like quantum superposition, you're there and you're somewhere else, too? Or, is it like baseball where you're a half game back?

  • by sasha328 (203458) on Thursday October 24, 2013 @09:55PM (#45230605) Homepage

    I remember a time when I was still working for HP, and was in charge of setting up support some global customers.
    I was based in Sydney, had to deal with one of HP's call centre operations out of Chennai. This is normally fine becuase they were only 5 hours difference, so there were a few working hours overlap.
    The problem was, this particular group operated for some reason on GMT time, so it really annoyed me because there were no working hours overlap, and they simply would not work with me during my business hours!

    Anyway, back to the survey, I've only worked for a living in 5 distinct timezones, (not counting supporting anyone/thing in a different timezone)

    • by msobkow (48369)

      You mean a customer wouldn't kiss your ass and work on your schedule?

      I'm shocked I tell you, absolutely shocked that a customer would expect you to provide them with service.

      • by raodin (708903)

        Try reading that again.

        I was still working for HP

        had to deal with one of HP's call centre operations

        There were no "customers" involved, just different groups in the same company.

  • So what if you are stationed at a base in Antarctica, right at the very geographic south pole? Your whole body could be straddling every time zone at once.
    • Re:Antarctica (Score:4, Informative)

      by Big Frank (921537) on Friday October 25, 2013 @12:18AM (#45231147) Homepage

      So what if you are stationed at a base in Antarctica, right at the very geographic south pole? Your whole body could be straddling every time zone at once.

      If you are standing at the north pole, you are standing in 25 official time zones at once. If you are standing at the south pole you are standing in 26 official time zones at once. There are over 50 official time zones in the world. For example India, Afganistan and Iran use time zones offset by 30 minutes from the standard 24 time zones. Some countries like Nepal use a time zone offset by 15 minutes.

    • by jamesh (87723)

      So what if you are stationed at a base in Antarctica, right at the very geographic south pole? Your whole body could be straddling every time zone at once.

      Not quite. On the east code of Australia we have timezones for Queensland, New South Wales/Victoria, and Hobart. That's three timezones for approximately the same longitude. The reason is that DST makes no sense for Queensland, but does for NSW/Victoria/Hobart, but Hobart is far enough south that different start/stop times for DST are more appropriate there.

      So even if you were at the south pole in the same longitude as the east coast of Australia, you wouldn't be in any of the Australian timezones. (unless

    • Yeah, I'm sure there are a lot of people reading and responding to this poll who do business precisely at the South pole. If that is a concern, what about people who conduct business in space, which is free of timezones?
  • Who TF uses an upper case x for the unknown?
    • by iggymanz (596061)

      having done a bit of different kinds of math, seen Captial X used as random unknown variable, a set, and a matrix

  • Or was I in Soviet Russia?

  • by rve (4436)


    and so should you

    So many bugs could be prevented. Only convert it to local time where you display it

  • by Anonymous Coward

    ...where you can work in N countries - for large values of N - and still be within 2-3 timezones.

  • I use UTC [] you insensitive clod
  • Bit difficult to have worked in more than one timezone, signed my contract 3.5 hours ago :P
  • by nosfucious (157958) on Friday October 25, 2013 @08:30AM (#45232767)

    It depends upon how you define it.

    Work, my office, near the coffee machine, right now: 1. Same as everybody.

    Colleagues conversed with today in different time zones: (Counting in head) 1,2,3 ... 4. 4 times zone. But, if you count that the problem actually occured somewhere in the east of Russia, then that is a lot more. Our Indian developement center ... screwing up their passwords in an effort to not actually do any useful work ... add another couple.

    Waiting for West coast of US and our colleagues there to really get going. That makes ... um ... more.

    And if you also count being I.T. support for mum and dad, then by the time Melbourne is awake (around midnight here) then .... we've done a lap around the planet.

    Yup, sleep when I'm dead. (Please be soon).

  • I wonder how does this count: the time zone crosses the observatory building, and we routinely walked across the time zone several times a day.
  • Does it count as doing my job in multiple time zones if I have to travel for my job? How about if the travel only involves going to conferences, rather than my regular professional duties?

  • I've done many of my jobs in many time zones.

    Join the Army and see the world they said.

  • by spaceyhackerlady (462530) on Friday October 25, 2013 @02:16PM (#45237755)

    I live and work in one time zone.

    I've visited company sites and customers in two more time zones.

    I've talked to customers in four more time zones.

    Many of the systems I use operate on UTC.


  • N time zones
  • by jamesh (87723)
    I have done my job in two timezones. Australian Eastern Standard Time, and Australian Eastern Daylight Time. DST FTW!
  • Britain has one timezone, I only worked one timezone in Australia, and although I've lived in three timezones in the US, I've only been employed in two.

    If you include the number of timezones that servers were in, my work for CERN covered a number as did my work for the Australia National University, NASA and Intel. However, counting those would be stupid as I didn't work in those areas. Computer programming is 95% asynchronous with the rest of the team, so it doesn't matter where people are. My hatred of te

  • I am trying to invent a time system for a book I am writing..

    As some of the story is set in space habitats. they are not stuck with the length of the day on Earth. I am making the day 1,000,000 seconds long and they have a day off every 5th day but the week is 10 days long. This would be 10E7 seconds

    My mind has been working in this time zone for some time so I have added it to my total.

    • I am making the day 1,000,000 seconds long

      That is a long day. 24 hours == 86400 seconds.

  • I use beats you insensitive clod!
  • Just 1. The world outside Delaware has not been definitively proven to exist. That or Delaware hasn't been definitely proven to exist.

If I have seen farther than others, it is because I was standing on the shoulders of giants. -- Isaac Newton


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