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I organize my browser bookmarks ...

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Constantly (or at least weekly)
  511 votes / 2%
Frequently (once a week to once a month)
  599 votes / 2%
Regularly (but less often than once a month)
  1602 votes / 7%
Rarely (only when things get too crazy)
  9044 votes / 42%
Never (I like to scroll)
  3738 votes / 17%
Only when I think I'm about to get caught
  913 votes / 4%
My browser has bookmarks?!
  5011 votes / 23%
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I organize my browser bookmarks ...

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  • by Mr. Sketch (111112) <`mister.sketch' `at' `'> on Sunday February 17, 2013 @06:37PM (#42931075)

    Chrome prompts for a folder to put the bookmark in, so I make sure the bookmark goes in the right folder when I create it. The option I chose was 'Never' because with this system, I never have to organize them explicitly since they always organized as soon as they are created.

    • Re: (Score:2, Interesting)

      by Anonymous Coward

      My massive brain prompts me to put bookmarks in folders, so the same is true for me, even though I use a Mozilla browser.

      It helps that I keep a set of folders in the bookmarks toolbar, and store everything in one of those folders, so it's usually just a matter of dragging and dropping.

      • by kermidge (2221646)

        Good idea; several others in later comments as well.
        I got used to bookmarks, have several thousand (yeah, ok, I read a lot, am not all that mobile, can't afford to get out much, and memory sucks) and have maybe 75 sites in Opera's speeddial. I used to organize them episodically as need arose or enthusiasm allowed.
        Before I ditched Windows I used for years an excellent bookmark manager, Linkstash. It had tags, color coding, comments, and made it easy to sync fa

        • On Chromium, I only have the quick list (in the "Incredible Start Page" extension). At present, it has about 10, and no other bookmarks are saved in that browser.
          In Opera, I have nested lists of bookmarks probably well over a thousand. Alas, some have not been visited for a while, and may be defunct - I just tested "Astronomy/Equipment/Film Test" and got a 404 page. The bookmarks get organized rarely, and purged only when some site has been unresponsive for quite a while.
          Firefox is mostly used by my wife,
      • Re: (Score:2, Funny)

        by sabbede (2678435)
        My massive brain and browser BOTH prompt me to keep things organized. Naturally I do what I always do and ignore them both. Let chaos reign!
      • by tsa (15680) on Tuesday February 19, 2013 @01:29PM (#42946253) Homepage

        I do the same. It's not adding bookmarks that is a problem, but removing the ones you don't need or don't exist anymore.

    • by Ksevio (865461)
      And you never feel the need to remove bookmarks for unused/dead sites or to reorganize into different logical groups?
      • Not really, no. When I click on a bookmark which directs to a dead page, I just delete it. XMarks syncs across all my devices, no need to do anything.

        • Not really, no. When I click on a bookmark which directs to a dead page, I just delete it.

          In other words you feel the need to remove bookmarks for unused/dead sites.

          The rest of us with other browsers are doing the same thing.

          You never ever ever ever decide that a folder has too many items and needs subfolders? Really?

          • Again, not really, no. Te only folder that has more bookmarks that fit on my screen is "funstuff", with funny links, and i usually scroll down or right-click, then click "bookmark manager" to see all the links with scrollbars and everything.
            All else is pretty well organized, and for example I don't link to a specific article but rather to the website containing that article.
            Finally, I ave a bookmark folder called "Temporary" where much of my "I gonna read this later" stuff goes. Then, once it's read, it eit

    • by tompaulco (629533)
      Chrome prompts for a folder to put the bookmark in, so I make sure the bookmark goes in the right folder when I create it.
      So does Firefox, and I would assume also IE, although I'm not going to bother to open it up to test it out. This is really the option I would have chosen had it been available. Instead, I chose "never".
    • Tis. Mark as insightful, please. XMarks + clean folder structure and you don't need to "organize" anything. It's organized already.

    • Chrome prompts for a folder to put the bookmark in, so I make sure the bookmark goes in the right folder when I create it. The option I chose was 'Never' because with this system...

      Wouldn't "Constantly" have been a better option then?

      • by Mr. Sketch (111112) <`mister.sketch' `at' `'> on Monday February 18, 2013 @02:48PM (#42937643)

        I would argue no. I think of organizing as bringing order to chaos, not keeping an already established order.

        For example, if my bookshelf is organized first by author and then by title, and every time I buy a new book and place it on the shelf I just add it in where it belongs, then I wouldn't say I organize my bookshelf every time I buy a new book. I would just say my bookshelf stays organized, and that I just maintain the existing order.

        However, if my bookshelf had no order and I sat down and arranged the books by author and then title, then I would say I organized the bookshelf.

        In more relevant-to-the-discussion terms, I would only count organizing bookmarks as bringing up the bookmark manager, which I never have to do (Never meaning haven't used it since I adopted this system).

    • by Anonymous Coward

      This assumes a bookmark fits into one and only one folder. This is rarely the case. Which is why I prefer TagSieve, which allows you to tag your bookmarks with multiple tags, where tags are equivalent to folders. It also has a nice "tag cloud" display. Make things much easier and nicer to find, and doesn't cripple you with being only a tree hierarchy.

      What is seriously annoying and completely unacceptable about all bookmark systems tough, is that bookmarks...

      1. aren't files in *actual* directories. (You know

      • 1. aren't files in *actual* directories. (You know, Unix philosophy: everything is a file.) So you can’t process them with shell scripts and can't use them anywhere else. Which is a kind of lock-in. A really stupid, lazy one. 2. don't link to actual XPaths or anchors *within* the document.

        The first can be solved, by simply dragging the links / tabs / url bar into a directory, to create a link file.

        1. IE uses real folders and files, so oddly IE is more open in this respect (cue gasps of amazement)

        2. I have several bookmarks set to anchors, most of which work. Those that don't are because the anchor was removed from the page. But you're right about XPaths though.

    • by rwv (1636355)

      The option I chose was 'Never' because with this system, I never have to organize them explicitly since they always organized as soon as they are created.

      I organize mine at creation time as well. Yet, I chose "Constantly" since the state of my bookmarks is "Always Organized". Que sera sera.

  • I synch them though (Score:4, Informative)

    by Gonoff (88518) on Sunday February 17, 2013 @06:43PM (#42931115)

    As I use Chrome, I synch my bookmarks between several computers, phone and tablet. This has its ups and downs.

    That I can get to a site whatever I am using is good but having 100's of bookmarks is OK on a PC with a nice big screen but it gets a bit confusing on my phone. Sometimes too there is a mobile link (like here) that is better for the small screen. So I have multiple links for the same site.

    I do the tidying up from the PC. Even a 7" tablet screen is too small to do this.

    • by AmiMoJo (196126) *

      Fortunately mobile Chrome segregates synced bookmarks from the desktop ones, so I don't find it's an issue.

  • Never ... (Score:5, Insightful)

    by cablepokerface (718716) on Sunday February 17, 2013 @06:46PM (#42931125)
    ... really gotten used to using bookmarks. I remember something I have read once somewhere and think of one or two words specific to that article or subject; google it. It's on, or close to, the top of the result list.
    • Re:Never ... (Score:5, Interesting)

      by cheater512 (783349) <> on Sunday February 17, 2013 @10:40PM (#42932155) Homepage

      Yeah I find bookmarks pretty useless as well.

      I primarily use url auto completion.
      E.g. to pull up Slashdot I don't touch my mouse. I press Ctrl-T for a new tab, type 'sl' then hit enter and Slashdot appears.
      Bookmarks can't beat 4 keystrokes I can do faster than even if Slashdot was on a bookmarks bar.

      • Yea, but you can't remember all the cool sites. Using only the URL autocompletion bubbles you a bit.
        • Personally, I have autocomplete disabled except for bookmarked sites. Then I just spam bookmark whenever I need to remember a page and I never really bother organizing them because the only way I ever access them is through autocomplete.

      • I click twice, you press three keys.
        On a freshly installed machine, I still click twice, you will have to type the full name.

        • Move hand to the mouse, position cursor, click, reposition cursor, click. Not necessarily faster than I can do 4 keystrokes.

          Depends if you usually have your hand on the mouse or the keyboard. For me its the keyboard, for you it could be the mouse.

          Oh and any good syncing service would do your history as well as bookmarks.

          • Of course you don't "reposition" your mouse when typing the URL, you can just type it anywhere... Please... relevant arguments only.

        • Oh a freshly-installed machine, there's already going to be a Slashdot bookmark?

          • Yes. Because Chrome, once you install it and log in, will synchronize all your bookmarks, extensions and configuration. I re-installed my OS on my home PC and Google Chrome added XMarks automatically, I logged in there and all my bookmarks appeared.

            • Assuming you set up some sort of web sync from a previous install?

              • This sounds like some sort of "magic" that requires you not doing a true clean install, or migration from a different browser, or pre-configuration of some cloud service or something.

                • No, it's simple, actually. []
                  "Google Chrome’s In-built Sync Feature: This bookmark and password synchronization feature has been integrated in the Google Chrome browser for quite a time now. In this method, you just need to have a valid Google account and a computer having Google Chrome."

                  • It's far from "two clicks on a fresh install," though. You have to login on the fresh machine, which your link says takes 4 clicks, plus entering your user credentials (presumably another 15-30 keypresses). And you had to set all this up on the old machine, too.

                    He probably won't even have to type the whole url if he does it in the search bar and the auto-complete takes off. I just cleared all my cache etc. and "slashdot" is the 4th result for "sla."

                    • And after 100 accesses, my method wins in effectiveness overall. Also my method works for ALL other sites I access, his is slightly more effective in the short term and only for ONE URL.
                      Are we done with retarded reasons?

                    • Hey, you're the one that said "2 clicks clean," which is patently false. Bookmark syncing wasn't really in the original question, and seems somewhat beside the point.

          • by rts008 (812749)

            For various definitions of 'freshly-installed', yes.

            The /. bookmark is there, along with other bookmarks, browser permissions, pref's,browser extensions and add-ons, I can even have saved passwords ready to go.
            I use Firefox, and one of my 'must have' extensions is "febe" (Firefox Extension Back-up Extension), and it allows me to have my browser consistent on all computers, and OS's that have Firefox available. YMMV :-)

            I have a Kubuntu 11.04 live cd running from a USB stick with Firefox installed, and a USB

            • I'll have to look into that. I used XMarks briefly but it had a tendency to eat my bookmarks about once a week...

    • Re:Never ... (Score:4, Informative)

      by AmiMoJo (196126) * <> on Monday February 18, 2013 @04:33AM (#42933421) Homepage

      If you bookmark things Chrome and most other browsers will search them when you enter search terms into the address bar. It helps when the site is obscure and on the 3rd or 4th page of results.

    • by AK Marc (707885) on Monday February 18, 2013 @04:54AM (#42933485)
      With tabbed browsing, I use a browser that reloads the last session. I don't have bookmarks. I have 4,000 tabs. They are a mess, and I don't ever do anything about it.
      • Re:Never ... (Score:4, Interesting)

        by inasity_rules (1110095) on Monday February 18, 2013 @01:38PM (#42936855) Journal

        I do that, then when one browser became a mess I'd move to the next for a clean start. Having gone around Firefox -> Chrome -> Opera -> Firefox, I clear firefox. If I haven't looked in that long, I probably don't care anymore. Next clear Chrome, and so on. This way you can always get back to a previous state. It's not about history it's about the state of mind I had when the browser was open. A sort of brain save function, if you will...

  • by Anonymous Coward

    Use Firefox. Use tags. Use search.

  • My browsing is limited to a few key sites that I know hoe to type into the address bar; for all other information, there is Google. If I "need" to find a website again in the future, the URL is usually linked to my desktop.

    Otherwise, my browser history is a useful tool.

  • Local start-up page (Score:4, Interesting)

    by Frans Faase (648933) on Sunday February 17, 2013 @07:43PM (#42931369) Homepage
    I just use a local start-up page (in HTML) for the most commonly used links, organized in the way I want. I sync this among my devices (with a small home build sync program). Haven't used bookmarks for a long time.
    • by jgrahn (181062)

      I just use a local start-up page (in HTML) for the most commonly used links, organized in the way I want.

      I generate a startup/home page from my bookmarks file. It's not well organized, but that doesn't matter; the important stuff is at the top and I can just do a text search for other things. (And of course much of the time I google for things, or jump via Wikipedia.)

    • You could just use Opera... has the exact same functionality in the speed dial.
  • by Anonymous Coward

    I don't even have to use bookmarks, because Firefox has a powerful search function for the browser history. I do bookmark things that are especially useful, just in case I need to export them later.

  • by Quinn_Inuit (760445) <(Quinn_Inuit) (at) (> on Sunday February 17, 2013 @08:57PM (#42931707)
    The "Awesome Bar" or whatever they're calling it now in Firefox generally knows what I want in a few keystrokes, and I can hotkey up there and never have to take my hands from the keyboard while I click through bookmark menus with the mouse. Same with Chrome. I have some old bookmarks sitting around that I haven't gotten rid of, but neither do I maintain them.
    • by arkhan_jg (618674)

      I do this for all my common sites; first couple of letters and autocomplete gets me where I want to go from history; saves a whole ton of effort syncing bookmarks between disparate browsers on different pcs and devices.

      I stopped using bookmarks for everything else when I discovered evernote; why bookmark some short URL to a site you'll forget about, when you can just clip the section of the page (or the entire thing) you want for future reference, complete with pictures and full text search, with the browse

  • Get caught doing what? And what has that got to do with bookmarks?
    • by rts008 (812749)

      Well, I have heard that the limits of kink know no bounds on the I've heard....yeah.
      Oh, that reminds me, it's time for my daily brain scrubbing with bleach and test tube brush!

  • by UltraZelda64 (2309504) on Sunday February 17, 2013 @09:31PM (#42931849)

    Previously, I didn't touch bookmarks... I just never used them or saw any reason to. That changed around Firefox 3, when Mozilla introduced that god damn "Awesome" (NOT) bar. At that point, because the location bar was now worthless, I was pretty much forced to create and maintain my own set of bookmarks. Now, my bookmarks are organized into somewhat-logical groups, and I often add new bookmarks directly to where I want them to go. For some less important ones I'll just add to the main directory and organize later. I have no bookmark organizing schedule... I just organize them whenever the hell I feel like it.

  • When I want to go to one of my favorite sites, I just open Chrome, and start typing what I want. Usually, within 2-3 characters, it fills in the URL that I'm looking for. Who needs bookmarks?

    Firefox makes it similarly easy to get around.

  • top sites (Score:3, Insightful)

    by vswee (2040690) on Sunday February 17, 2013 @10:26PM (#42932095) Journal
    do safaris 'top sites' count as bookmarks? I have a few of them pinned permanently, but I like the idea that it adjusts to what I visit most. it's living bookmarks that I don't have to setup! Cheers
  • where are all the safari users? come on, let's defend our browser and it's (stolen-from-opera) top sites feature!
  • Who the needs bookmarks, when there is google. 99% of the time the page I am looking for would be in the top 3 hits and show while I am still typing the search keywords.
  • I have about 100 bookmarks on two toolbar rows... Favicons only. It's a great example of both reflexively knowing where each site's mark bookmark is.

    I still use search and URLs frequently, though.

    • by Gertlex (722812)

      Err.. /s/both //

      And by mixture, I meant to note that I keep those favicons organized, but my other hundreds of bookmarks which live in the menu are largely unsorted.

  • I bookmark things that I need at the time, and then never reference them. Isn't that what everyone else does? Or do they actually go back to them

  • Mind you, I can't think of a better alternative but there's something inefficient about them. Especially with Mozilla's high-maintenance UI. Personally, I think I'd be happy with bookmarks separated into an easy-to-populate short list of favorites (like Mozilla's favorites home page) and a disposable link bucket where I can save a link I had trouble finding, but remove it as soon as I access it again.

  • I stopped bothering with bookmarks back in the Netscape days. It got to be pointless. You'd spend hours organizing your bookmarks and the next day you fire up the browser and they are all just gone....

    I used to try to make a backup of my bookmarks, but eventually just stopped trying. Why bookmark when you can just start typing the url you are looking for in your browser bar and then just hit enter when it autocompletes.

    I wish Firefox had a feature for private browsing bookmarks. I know that would defeat

  • I have bookmarks that I created back in the Netscape 3 days (Slashdot being one of them!)

    The amount of them almost defies organization, so I have to organize and clean sections of them every now and then one section at a time.

    So many people here saying they just use Google for everything. I guess they are lucky they don't have to deal with locations that aren't indexed by Google for varying reasons, such as being intranet or requiring authentication to get at. Or having to wade through 121,437,942 search r

    • See my comment below on remembering only one word or element from the url. Also goes for non-Google-indexed sites.
    • "I have bookmarks that I created back in the Netscape 3"

      Same here. I have just realized that a few folders in my bookmarks were not accessed in the last 7 years. Some bookmarks have outlived several PC upgrades without being visited even once!

  • ... in a way. I don't "organize" the bookmarks, because I rarely ever ADD a bookmark. When I do, it's so I remember something specific the next day, and then I delete it after it has served its purpose.
  • Or when I got something important to do.
  • The last time I used them must have been in the nineties, before the great browser wars, in times when there were still gopher sites around. Chrome makes bookmarks pretty superfluous, one only needs to remember one or more words from the url and there you go.
  • No bookmarks on browser. Keep them on Netvibes.
  • Does speed dial count as a bookmark? Anyway never used the classic bookmark menu in what seems like ages..I still keep my "favorites" around since the late 90's, I even have bookmarks to site reviews for the Geforce 256, but never went through the list to clean it up or sort it out. Most sites I visit are news-related so they end up in the speed dial. For forum posts with troubleshooting notes etc, there's google search, and for the rest (guides, articles etc) either google search or "save to disk" (for rea
  • Approximately as often as my OCD takes over and I find myself reorganizing my sock drawer.
  • I'm surprised no one has mentioned the Firefox Awesome bar--click the star, add any keywords you can imagine yourself being likely to type, and let it auto-file it in Unsorted Bookmarks. I used to keep all the important stuff in the bookmarks toolbar but unless it's a really weird url, I just start typing the beginning.

  • I may go months without a change (other than adding) then make changes daily for weeks. I make a change when I decide "something's in the wrong place" or lot's of things belong together or a folder has gotten too many bookmarks. If that involves creating a new folder, the effect may cascade as other folders shrink and get removed or combined until everything feels right again. But I don't do it all at once.

  • I just start typing what I want.

    Typically if it's bookmarked chrome will autocomplete it as I type.

    Same thing on my phone, I just start typing the app/contact name into the google search bar.
    Also with google drive, I'm either in "recent" or search, it's faster and easier than navigating a directory structure.

    I have a layout/tree, but that's basically habit as opposed to any functional reason.

  • I always sort new bookmarks into their appropriate place when I make them. After that, there's no more need to organize my bookmarks.

  • While I may have a large number of bookmarks I rarely use the bookmarks menu. So I also rarely organize them.

    News sites many times have RSS feeds I stick in my Bookmarks Bar and check from there. Many of my other favorite sites I have bookmarked but then assign keywords of two or three letters to I just type in the address bar instead. I have two dozen different Quick Searches set up in Firefox so I don't have to visit the home page of search engines and have been able to clear the search box from my browse

  • Three kinds of sites:

    1. Pages that are open all the time, every day. Chrome auto-opens all of them any time it restarts.
    2. Pages that aren't open all the time, but that I use often enough to know the first three or four letters of the URL, and let auto-complete fill in the rest.
    3. Google it.
  • I have 4 browsers installed (Chrome, IE, FF, Opera), and everyone of them has its own bookmarks variant, and they do change every year, as their version grows, and i have many home computers, and office computers, and mobile devices and....
    So, why the heck should i use such a stupid idea as bookmark? And just make the picture, why should i use any cloud service too? So anyone could go and dig it, and delete it even!!!
    My way is the best, just register your own site, and install some nice, good looking, b
  • I have so many old floppies with just BOOKMARK.HTM on them.
  • Then quit adding new ones. I very rarely find a new site I use often enough to warrant a bookmark. If I want to temporarily mark something (like a piece of hardware I'm comparison shopping), I put it on the desktop. If it's not something I check at least on a weekly basis, I don't bother marking it. I'll either remember the URL or enough of it for autocomplete to find it. For all the random crap that I find cool and want to remember (but will probably never look at again), I thumb it with Stumble.

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